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Dr. Karen S. Clickner, R.N.D.

Founder of Conscious Body Natural Medicine, Inc.

I am a Certified and Registered Naturopathic Diplomate with the National Registry of Naturopathic Practitioners and have been in practice since 1984.  But my more than 30 years of practice started very differently.

I received my degrees at the University of New Hampshire in philosophy and international law, but a serious health detour while living in Europe led me into holistic and complementary medicine.  Through that experience, I realized how irreplaceable natural medicine is.  So I altered my path with comprehensive training in Naturopathic Medicine and Integrative Physical Therapy and worked for a number of years in Madrid before moving to Florida.  While there, I studied Myofascial Release with John Barnes, Neuromuscular Therapy with Paul St. John, Applied Kinesiology with Dr. George Goodheart and Contact Reflex Analysis with Dr. Dick Versendaal.  Since that time, I expanded my study of Clinical Applied Herbology through the Australian College of Phytotherapy, Palmer Chiropractic College and Texas Chiropractic College.

I was the Herbal Advisor on the BBC's World Radio Geneva in Switzerland and currently publish The Herbal Advisor Online Magazine. I have taught throughout the United States and Europe and my articles and podcasts have been featured in AMTA Journals, Wisdom Magazine, The Wellbeing Journal and The Hale Journal of London. I maintained a private practice in London, Geneva and Nantucket Island for many years, and I bring that experience to each of my patients.  I also provide comprehensive advice via Skype world-wide and was named Best Holistic Advisor by Platinum Magazine.

I was instrumental in the curriculum design of a number of Natural Therapy educational institutions and have managed the oldest holistic therapy clinic in Boston. I developed an intra-oral technique for the treatment of TMJ and my therapies, formulas and body detoxification methods have been featured on WBZ TV and Healthcast with Janet Wu, in the Improper Bostonian and Boston Magazine.


Holistic & Complementary Medicine
Nutritional Therapy & Meal Planning Guidance
Natural Weight Loss
Detoxification Program Design
Regulation Thermography Testing

Dr. Kristen Poe

I have always had a passion and enthusiasm for medicine and health for as long as I can remember.  Although my life has taken me on many different paths, I always knew my calling was in the medical field.  I have a vast educational background and work experience history.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, as well as an MBA in Marketing.  Most recently, I completed my Doctorate in Holistic Health at the Alternative Medicine College of Canada and have recently received a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine here in the U.S.  I am nationally certified through the American Naturopathic Medical Association and the American Alternative Medical Association.  I have worked in psychology, the pharmaceutical industry and medical sales and was the co-owner of a salon.

So with a career path and educational background so diverse, why and how did I choose natural medicine?

Over 7 years ago I found myself depressed, not taking care of myself, and feeling tired and lousy almost every day.  I was making many poor health and nutritional choices and I knew something had to change, but was not sure what or how.  With time, I made positive changes in my physical and emotional health, and became familiar with what it meant to have good nutrition.  I started exercising and working with a fantastic personal trainer while eating a whole foods diet.  This unlocked my passion for nutrition, and I soon became involved in professional fitness competition for several years.  

I went from feeling “sickly” all of the time, to transforming my body and my health so I could step out on a fitness competition stage in just 3 months and placed second in my division.  Another 3 months of work and I won first place in my division as a competitive bodybuilder at the World National Bodybuilding Federation.  This was, of course, with the help of positive thinking and surrounding myself with positive influences including clean whole food nutrition and a solid exercise regime. 


Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage
Regulation Thermography Testing

Iris Stowe

I love what I do.  I love helping people and I thrive on seeing the improvement that natural medicine provides.  It not only changes their symptoms, it changes their mindset, it changes their lives and their way of interacting with the world.  I should know, I began my journey on a completely different path. 

Plagued with autoimmune issues in my early twenties, I embarked upon what I know now was a "conscious calling."  I have Graves' Disease, an autoimmune disease that leads to the generalized overactivity of the entire thyroid gland.  This condition was the first of several autoimmune disorders that gradually plagued me and the traditional medical doctors were discouraged about my declining health. 

Eight years ago, I found Dr. Karen Clickner and the light bulb was turned on.  She connected the dots as to why my thyroid was overactive and why my immune system was not performing.  Lymphatic drainage was a big piece to restore balance in my body.

Years after being a patient,  I was given the opportunity to become a certified lymphatic drainage therapist.  I had worked as a drainage engineer intern in college and as a power systems engineer after graduating.  The theory and application I practiced as an electrical engineer translated beautifully to the human body.  

The lymphatic drainage method that I use is a European state of the art technique using machinery and energetically organic products to incorporate suction, light and color that work together to decongest the lymphatic system and the body fluids.  I believe, as traditional Chinese medicine does, that the body is not only matter but energy.  This technique is very gentle but highly effective.

I completed advanced training with the European company that developed this technology.  It is nothing like other methods of lymph drainage which can be helpful, but generally not lasting in their effects.  The lymphatic system is a leader of the immune force in your body.  Immunity does not guarantee perfect health, but it does offer increased resistance to illness while restoring balance and harmony to your body.   

It is my passion to share my knowledge and this therapy with everyone.
Let's create some space in your body where health can live and gradually spread throughout your body and your being.  Let's begin with getting things moving!


Certified Colon Hydrotherapy
Nutritional Guidance
Detoxification Support

Kate Leighton

My Journey For Inner Peace ...

I got into this line of work because of my own positive experience of colon hydrotherapy as well as massage, meditation, yoga and nutritional health.  My personal pursuit for health and wellness began 23 years ago and I have been practicing professionally for 16 years.

I was in college when I realized that my anxiety and depression were no longer manageable.  I was seeing a therapist at the time who encouraged me to look at my health from a holistic perspective.  In addition to offering standard psychological support, she began educating me on other options and possibilities.  One thing that really stood out to me was the idea of “uncovering wellness”.  This theory was based on a more eastern philosophy. I had been raised with meditation and it was in 1999 that I began integrating holistic and complementary therapies into the standard western model of medicine and care that I had been receiving. 

I came to colon hydrotherapy via a "cleanse".  In this case it was a book that I had found called The 3-Day Energy Fast: Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, and Claim Your Spirit by Pamela Serure.   My boyfriend at the time had already introduced me to vegetarianism and so the 2 of us embarked on this exploration as an unburdening of ourselves physically and mentally around our habits.  During this cleanse it was recommended that if it would be supportive to have a colon hydrotherapy treatment, so we decided to give it a try.  That  experience was a game changer.  Similar to the way I felt when I had my first shiatsu massage, I was completely renewed and inspired.  Still to this day the experience is ineffable to me; it renews my spirits and sets up strong motivations to continue on the path.  This is when I realized that what I was seeking was health and joy from the inside out. 

I got my degree in fine arts from Lesley University in 2000 with a focus in painting/printmaking/ and art therapy.  I moved to California to pursue graduate school in the arts.  It would seem however that the universe had other plans for me because my passion for health and wellness manifested into opportunity after opportunity to both study and work in the field.  I managed a small privately owned health food store for 2 years and then went on to apprentice and work as a raw food chef in Los Angeles.  It was during that time that I pursued another opportunity which was to attend the Internal Environment Institute in Culver City, CA to train in colon hydrotherapy.  I was one of the last classes to work with Constance Allred who not only single handedly started the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy but was the founder of the Institute and of the Allred Technique.  Connie was 90 years old, and a real tough nut.  She believed in colonics whole-heartedly and wanted them to always be an option available for everyone.  She worked in educating and advocating for their acceptance into modern medicine and society.  I worked alongside her in her clinic for that year while also working in the raw food business.  

In 2004, after four years incredible years in California, I decided to return to the east coast and was offered two incredible opportunities.  The first was a job at an elementary school as an art teacher.  The second was as the colon hydrotherapist for the holistic center of Naturopathic Physician Karen Clickner.  And so I’ve been working as a colon hydrotherapist ever since.  Since then, I have returned to school, first to do the sciences that were not a part of my arts education,  then for muscular therapy at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge.  I have also completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training.  My main professional focus has always been colon hydrotherapy and I have now seen well over 10,000 clients in my career!!  My personal journey continues with a personal and passionate spiritual practice which includes meditation in general and Buddhism/dharma in particular.  I also like to move, whether it’s swimming running or spinning.

I thank you for trusting me to support you. It's from you that I learn more each and every day.


Regulation Thermography Testing

Gargi Sharma

I have been a yoga master for more than 10 years.  I was a 7-time medalist in the All India Inter University Championships in Yoga and Gymnastics and a team member of the Indian National Gymnastics Team.  I was a Chief Judge for the Punjab State Yoga Championship, a coach for the Indian National Gymnastic Team and a lecturer at colleges and hospitals in India.  

I was Valedictorian and completed my Masters degree at Kurukshetra University.  My clinical internship was at Sanjivini Ayurvedic Hospital in Panchakarma specializing in Yoga for therapy and illness resolution. I was even fortunate enough to study with Baba Ram Dev  at his ashram in Haridwar.  It was here that I learned so much about pranayama … the breath.

I have been associated with Conscious Body since the beginning and Regulation Thermography is the most fascinating component of body health analysis.  I so enjoy hearing each patient's story and help them understand what lies beneath their symptoms. 

Much of the technology and science of Thermography mirrors the principles and philosophy of Yoga.  The view of how systems work together, how a symptom in one area can be related to a place and a condition you would never suspect.  This is an amazing way to get to the bottom of things.


Heart Sound Recorder Testing
Customer Service Manager

Cheryl Tremblay

I began as many people do, as a patient.  Actually a frustrated patient.  After being told by conventional medicine that all my tests were normal, I realized I would have to begin looking for possible causes of my issues on my own.  But then, I discovered a new clinic that had just opened right in my own town of Holden.  Conscious Body Natural Medicine and the practice of Dr. Karen Clickner.  The information, explanation and education that she provided me about my issues and my body changed everything and after working together for a few months, I could honestly say I felt so much better for the first time in a long time.

Then we started cooking together and my years of fascination with whole food cooking really began to create great discoveries that I shared with Karen and she with many of her patients.  She knew I was always curious, which was what made my career in Accounting and Analytics so successful.  But it was in the kitchen making my own buttermilk, experimenting with various ancient grains and creating delicious whole foods for my family that I felt successful. 

So it seemed only natural that when Dr. Clickner started investigating the resurgence of Heart Sound Recorder testing, that she ask me to bring my analytical knowledge to the table.  I began with getting testing done and experimenting with various protocols for heart rate regulation.  Then I began studying with Dr. Joseph Antell, the developer of the new computerized testing equipment and I have continued to study under him ever since.  Soon I began providing testing to patients and combining the results with my knowledge of whole food effects.  I've been hooked ever since! 

Now I get to really use all my knowledge and not just my degree in Accounting.  It has enabled me to expand the natural lifestyle of my family, raise chickens, garden, cook and explore every farmer's market and raw dairy within 100 miles.  My husband and three kids can attest to my attachment to my kitchen and my Heart Sound Recorder! 


Our Allied Therapists at Large

We often refer outside of our clinic to some amazing therapists around the area and around the world.