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with Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

Live the life that you were meant to live…

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“I want to inspire and empower you to learn to extract wisdom from your life by understanding the path that has led you from the past to the present.”

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Sahar Huneidi-Palmer is a personal mentor, Life Coach and Holistic Therapist (balancing body, emotions & mind), with over 25 years’ experience in the self-help field.

She has been nominated three times as one of the best psychics in the world.

She has helped thousands of clients, worldwide, to evolve to a better understanding of themselves and their lives through her unique approach: Ketheric Well-Being™: The Four Dimensions of Change. She teaches and conducts workshops on personal development topics including creative meditation and personal resilience. Currently, she is writing a self-help book on the Ketheric Well-Being™ process.

Sahar is a published author and Life Coach Columnist for numerous international magazines including Prediction Magazine, Sharq Magazine and New You Health & Wellbeing Magazine. She has appeared on BBC 2 Daily Politics program and London’s LBC radio and receives regular press coverage from various news outlets including Woman’s Own, London’s Evening Standard and Arena.

Sahar is the founder of PS-Magazine, the UK’s first holistic online magazine (established in 2004), and the producer of inspirational Ketheric podcasts with thousands of listenersand downloads from iTunes.

Sahar was born in Cairo and educated in the US, England and France. She studied Civil Engineering and Business Administration, worked in advertising & brand management as an Account Director. She is a published poet in literature magazines in the UK and plays the piano. Her friends describe her as a “wise woman” and a “pathfinder”. She is passionate about demystifying the abstract, and loves Turkish coffee