You may believe that eating organically isn't important.
You may believe that you can get enough vitamins from the food you eat.
You may believe that all vitamins are the same.
You may believe that all oranges are the same.
You may believe that all cereals are the same.
You may believe that you're healthy.

You may believe all of these things until you really get sick and nothing seems to help.  That's when you realize that none of these things are true. Don't wait until you've lost work, lost sleep, lost your mind .... Illness can overwhelm your life, it can even take your life.  Protect your future health with supplementing your diet. Give your body organic vegetables, high quality imported medicinal herbs and peace of mind with the product lines that we believe in.  You'll begin to believe in natural medicine.

Whole Food Concentrates

Beginning in the depression food began to change.  Soil began to change, our idea of food for the masses began to change and our nutrient density began to change. A beet in 1920 is not the same beet that we eat today. Nor is wheat.  In fact most gluten intolerance is actually an allergy to modern cultivated wheat. Even organic food isn't enough because the soil in which it grows is depleted. Just look at the results of a study done at Rutgers University.  It compared the mineral content of vegetables 50 years ago with both organic and conventional vegetables today.  Many of the levels were actually half of what they had been.  Do you realize what you are missing?

So disease is first and foremost a nutritional deficiency over time. 

With poor soil, low nutrient content of food, long-distance transportation and environmental pollution, we rarely receive what we need each day for optimal health.  So we have learned to rely on the oldest whole food supplement company in the U.S. to make up the difference. When we fill in the gaps in the nutrient chart with whole food concentrates, there are differences that can be noticed within days.  Started in 1929, Standard Process was begun in one man's kitchen as the result of his research with his own patients.  Dr. Royal Lee wrote volumes on whole food and the effects of whole food nutrients on health and disease.  Standard Process continues the same process that Royal Lee developed all those years ago.  To provide nutrients as they are found in nature, raw, whole and with absolutely no additives of any kind.

From Farm to Lab to You...

On more than 400 acres of virgin farmland since the 20's, Standard Process combines its own raw organic plant material with USDA animal tissues in unique formulas that provide nutrients that we no longer receive in our daily diets.  From spanish black radish to kale, brussels sprouts, peavine, alfalfa, beets, oats and even barley grass, harvests are quickly dried and powdered for optimal raw enzyme power.  Prior to bottling, samples of each harvest are run through more than 1,000 tests weekly in their own labs on site.  There is no other company that grows, powders and tests their nutritional products on site.  The result is pure raw organic nutrition.

15 our of 21 deaths are related to nutrition.
— Dr. C. Everett Koop, U.S. Surgeon General

Learn how Standard Process manages it's organically certified farmland to grow the ingredients needed for our whole food supplements.

If you are looking for change, begin with our 21 Day Purification Kit from Standard Process.