Client Testimonials

My best testimonial is when a client sends me their family and friends.  
This has been the core of my practice for more than 30 years.  
I have worked with everything from Lyme Disease to cancer, from infertility to acid reflux.  
But occasionally a patient will be so happy that they will send me a note thanking me.  
Here are just a few of these notes that I have received: 

It just seems we met only a few years ago, but it has been 10 years since I first walked into your clinic with my folks. I cannot ever forget how helpful and instrumental you were not only in extending my dad’s life, but also mainly keeping him in relatively less pain than was predicted. So, THANK YOU again for all your hard work that you do and may you find the strength and continued desire to do this for many years! I am sure I am not alone in my sentiment.
— Naturopathic Client
Thank you! I was able to sleep in my bed for the first time in a week! I have been having this unrelenting night cough for months because of GERD. Now with just a couple herbal doses, the coughing spells are nothing like before!!!!!!!

I look forward to how I’ll feel in a few weeks of your wonderful treatment!
— Acid Reflux
I was very skeptical having been raised by parents who are both medical professionals. I thought it was going to be some scam that I would just sink a lot of money into and see no results. I could never have been more wrong...

Dr. Clickner has been so helpful in greatly improving my health. I have some rather unique medical problems/conditions that no physician could really seem to diagnose correctly or do much about. I did this for at least 5-6 years until giving up on traditional medicine completely as my health deteriorated. Dr. Clickner did a very thorough analysis on day 1 and put me on a very strict regimen of supplements.

Slowly but surely, my health began to improve. It’s been incredible really. In just a period of 6 months, I am doing better than I have in years. It is truly amazing what can be done with naturopathic medicine. I am now a firm believer. Dr. Clickner is truly fantastic, and I appreciate her matter-of-fact, no nonsense approach.
— - Naturopathic Client
In September I was scheduled for a corneal transplant for January. In December my cornea surgeon exclaimed, “I am incredibly impressed with how much you have improved your vision despite having a cloudy cornea! I think we can cancel the surgery in January.”

My work with Dr. Karen Clickner and her team of therapists has led to my vision improvement and a healthier, happier me! They utilized thermography to monitor the health of my internal organs, muscle testing and supplements to heal my body’s organs and especially my eyes, lymph drainage with Iris Stowe and nutritional counseling with Dr. Kristen Poe. This all came with continuous, caring monitoring of my wellbeing and symptoms, so that now my sleep has improved, my digestion is excellent, my mood dramatically improved and my chronic auto-immune and inflammation issues have even reduced (leading to canceling surgery!). I am even more authentic in my communication and relationships and I simply feel great in all moments! This special team at CBNM is tops for wellness under one roof and every penny I spent has been an investment in my health and wellness! I would rather pay real people here at Conscious Body than have major, invasive surgery! I highly recommend each person at CBNM!
— Corneal Transplant needed
By the way. OMG on the cramplex. I didn’t need a single Motrin or tylenol. In fact it was better. I didn’t feel wiped out, my bm’s and blood sugar even seemed better. WHOA!!! 😉
— Menstrual PMDD
Lyme Disease really kicked my ass. Then you helped me to find the right herbs and now I’m back to work and I feel great!
— Lyme Disease
I am a professional hockey player, and not even the trainers, physical therapists and our own chiropractor have done as much for me as you. You were able to find the source of things, change my body and change my game. Now it’s really game on for me!
— Naturopathic Client
I have so many diseases the doctors don’t know what to do with me. You are the only one that has really kept me going all these years. Now I had such a nasty leg infection and couldn’t take any antibiotics. My doctors were very worried because of my diabetes. But within a few days of seeing you and following your suggestions, my leg is so much better that my kidney doctor said it was great! Once again, you have saved me.
— Infection
I’m pregnant!!!!!! Can I tell you how excited we are, and after multiple IUI and IVF attempts we had given up. But my friends said that you were the miracle worker and it’s true!
— Infertility
My teenage son has suffered for two years seeing every doctor imaginable for his acne. It has affected his social life, his sense of self, and even his mood. But in two weeks you were able to completely clear his face for the first time in years! Two weeks! I can’t believe it - we are just so grateful.
— Teenage Acne
Hi Karen - Thank you so much for all of your support last year. We have a healthy happy baby boy who was born in mid-February. I know it’s a little early now, but we are thinking we’d like to start trying for another baby in a few months with your help again!
— Fertility Client
I was seeing you last year for my stomach issues and after your treatment I’ve never felt better in my life.
— Digestive Problems
I just finished the 21 Day Purification Cleanse and my cholesterol went down, I’m off all medication, I lost 5 pounds and my digestion feels good!
— 21 Day Purification Kit
THANKS SO MUCH ..... Iris is a treasure ! I feel in really good care with you and your team’s helpful healing hearts and hands !
— Lymphatic Drainage Client
Because of your help, I have two beautiful boys now- Patrick 4 and James 1!! I just turned 50 in January so i am blessed for sure! I really appreciate all your help in my journey to parenthood! I am soo happy!
— Infertility & Pregnancy
Can I just say how much of a difference the the supplements you suggested have made! I am sleeping through the night like I haven’t IN YEARS, and actually getting 7 or even 8 full hours of sleep. THANK YOU!
— Chronic Insomnia
I just wanted to say thank you again Karen. I’ve been on your supplement plan now for four days and have already experienced many Ah-ha’s! My energy level has sky rocketed, my nails look like I could be a hand model — I don’t even recognize them, my face has such a healthier glow and my acne is looking much calmer and going away. Thank you so much :) I know you say it’s just basic kinesiology but it’s not, you are very talented and I greatly appreciate it. It truly is life changing being able to work with you.
— Naturopathic Client
For more than 18 years I suffered with auto-immunity. First I developed Graves’ Disease and had a thyroidectomy in 1997, only to have several issues follow. Two years ago I started to go bald and enlisted the help of several specialists. They all gave me the same prognosis, “auto-immunity.” They continued to prescribe several medications but could never tell me the source of my problem. They even shared that my body was going to continue to have problems. I began to pray and do research on holistic remedies for the body when I came across some information about Dr. Karen Clickner. I scheduled an appointment and within one hour she assessed the imbalances in my body and came up with a strategy to help my body find balance again. With the treatments she suggested, my body regained balance and healing and wholeness began to take place. After six months, my hair began to return and I started feeling alive again for the first time in years. It’s been two years and I see Karen twice a year for body maintenance. Dr. Karen is phenomenal and works with your PCP if they are open to it. My entire family sees Dr. Karen now and we are all in pursuit of true body consciousness!! Dr. Karen has been a Godsend and I highly recommend that you invest in your health with her and the practice. I am forever grateful!!!
— Graves Thyroid Disease
I’m so happy with the help you have provided me that I have been referring a number of my friends and family members to you.
— Naturopathic Client
I want to thank you Karen for sending me the medicine that I needed all the way to Chile! It has made a real difference in my thyroid. I feel different! I send you all the blessings and energy from down here for this new journey and thought your letter was very touching. Thank you!
— Hypothyroid
I never thought that natural medicine would make a difference for me. My doctor had already told me that my joint pain could not be improved. He was wrong! In just three months, you changed my life by helping me find solutions for my pain and I’ve had my first weeks without pain in years!
— Joint Pain
You recommended a 21 day cleanse for me. I feel very clean and clear headed. I feel motivated and I am involved in activities I thought I’d lost interest in. I feel confident because I stuck with it the whole time...not even one little cheat!!!!
— Purification Program
I am thrilled to write this testimonial after several weeks of treatment with Dr. Karen Clickner and her therapists. They have provided me with excellent holistic alternative care that complements traditional medical treatment wonderfully. 4 months after I was severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing I had exhausted conventional medicine resources. Severe traumatic brain injury, neuro-blindness, deaf and with a blown out pituitary gland, I had started having blackouts and 23 hr sleeping spells which the ER and my doctor kept telling me they couldn’t do anything about. Yet with Karen I was given a complete evaluation and started slowly on a program to heal based on my nutrition and circulation. And I am starting to do BETTER. I do not usually write testimonials, but Dr. Clickner is worth it! Great gratitude to her! Thank you so much!
— Traumatic Brain Injury
My 92 year old aunt has had a difficult winter so far, and with both of her serious issues, you made all the difference. She fell and broke her hip and the doctor said she would most likely not walk again because at her age it is too difficult to grow new bone. You gave her two natural products and after 6 weeks, her doctor was speechless because her tests show she has not only grown bone, but her healing rate is that of someone half her age! Thank you!
— Bone Break
I never thought water would could make such a difference for me, but after drinking the water you suggested for only two days, I slept through the night for the first time in years and I’m not constantly coughing like I was! I thought all water was the same but obviously I was wrong. I’m so glad you introduced me to this amazing water!
— Ionized Water Therapy
I had been living with rashes and severe eczema on my face for many months, and not my doctor, my dermatologist or even other naturopathic physicians could really make a difference. Now after just two weeks, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference!
— Eczema
I have struggled with MRSA and other bacterial infections for years. No one has been able to make a difference, until now. My friends were right - you really were able to eliminate my symptoms and change my life with the natural remedies you recommended. Now I’ve been free of infection for months and feel like my life is back.
— MRSA Infection
I had never heard of lymphatic drainage until you recommended it for my chronic swollen feet. Just one session made a dramatic difference and it continues to be at helping me keep it under control. I can actually run again!
— Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage
I can’t believe the difference between the vitamin D my doctor recommended and the whole food one you gave me. I had been taking his for months and it really had made little difference in my blood tests. But just one month on yours and my levels have returned to normal. I’ll never buy my vitamins anywhere else!
— Naturopathic Client
I came to you with my diagnosis of breast cancer and was terrified. You helped me to understand how natural medicine can work along with my conventional treatment, and even before I began my conventional therapy, the tests at my doctor revealed improvement! Just from following the recommendations you made! Now my doctor is very encouraging and I’ve even given him your information for other patients!
Thank you!
— Breast Cancer
Thank you so much Dr. Karen! I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the wonderful things that are happening because of you and your clinic.
— Naturopathic Client
You helped me a number of years ago with my Lyme Disease and I never had a chance to tell you that I’ve been free of symptoms and illness now for three years! I can’t thank you enough and now I’m sending you all my friends who also struggle with Lyme.
— Lyme Disease
I want to commend you for the warning included in your newsletter about Lyme Disease and ticks during the summer months. As a sufferer of Lyme for the last 30 years I am ecxtatic to see you educating clients on the danger of ticks. Thank you for writing what you did! My only hope is that people listen to your brilliant advice!
— Lyme Disease
Dear Dr. Karen: I love what you do and how you do it. I have had such HUGE progress in such a short period of time. I’m beyond happy with the way things are progressing ... to be continued.
— Naturopathic Client
You have changed my life. Completely, amazingly, permanently. What I have learned while doing the 21 day cleanse has altered my view of food and my body is loving every minute of it! I can’t thank you enough!
— Purification Program
You had a dramatic impact on me! My appointment with you was very helpful. I used one of your phrases, “you will be totally fine” as an affirmation on my mirror for months.
— Thermography Client
So, THANK YOU again for all your hard work that you do and may you find the strength and continued desire to do this for many years! I am sure I am not alone in my sentiment. You have helped everyone in my family!
— Naturopathic Client
Karen, we both speak of you often – I know I have said it before but I want to say it again, meeting you and the knowledge you shared with us was life changing - we hope to have the opportunity and ability to see you again in the future.
— Naturopathic Client
I have been feeling really good! Still have my ups and downs, but I can’t believe how much more sustained energy I have and I’m no longer in a brain fog at all. I’ve even been waking up before my alarm goes off!
— Adult ADD
I am happy to report that the hot flashes which I have suffered with for such a long time, are greatly reduced! And in just two weeks! Thank you
— Hot Flashes
I just want to say thank you for all the healing, support and wonderful natural options. You make it fun and it really is an incredible experience becoming conscious of my body, my weaknesses and my tendencies. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.
— Naturopathic Client
Dear Karen - Well, you haven’t heard from us, because we’ve been doing well. You still fill a big part of our life. We think of you often and tell everyone all the good works you have done for us. We are so thankful. We miss you on Nantucket.
— Naturopathic Client