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Trace Mineral Hair Analysis

Test & Comprehensive Report - $125.00

Rarely is there something so easy, so accurate, so comprehensive and so non-invasive that you can even test your children!  That is the beauty of Trace Mineral Analysis using the hair.  By simply cutting two small samples of your hair, you can find out:

* Your metabolic level

* Heavy metal concentrations in your body tissues

* 40 trace mineral levels including calcium, magnesium and sodium

* Dietary recommendations for your metabolism and mineral blueprint


Mineral analysis from the hair has been utilized since the early 1960’s, and the independent laboratory that processes our tests has been recognized internationally as a leading provider of metabolic profile services.  Originally implemented by the International Atomic Energy Commission, these tests for the hair were known to show the concentration of minerals as a reflection of both the internal and external environments and the best place to detect contamination because of the hair’s effectiveness as a bio-concentrator.  The hair is actually a recording filament that can reflect metabolic changes of many elements over long periods of time.  Hair concentration of heavy metals is also the best way to detect elements that can act as neurotoxins over time. 

The truth is that if you really want to know about your health, don't rely just on blood testing, find out what is actually making up all the tissues of your body.  Cellular health is where your body health begins.  Compared to urine and blood, the levels of minerals found in the cells of the hair was much more accurate at showing stored concentrations that affect the body on a longer term basis.  Blood levels can vary day to day depending on various factors, making it not as accurate a measure of chronic illness and disease. 

Many studies of hair analysis for contamination have been done.  One such study from five countries revealed high arsenic concentrations in the hair samples, and symptoms were directly related to the concentrations of arsenic found.  One study of 174 children showed that concentrations of heavy metals such as cadmium and lead were within normal allowable levels on blood testing, but were above maximum allowable levels in trace mineral hair testing.  Their symptoms reduced were with treatment from heavy metal toxicity.

The truth is that minerals concentrations in tissue is one of the most important early determinations of health.  There is nothing easier! 

Preparing For Your Test:

You will need to make an appointment in order to have your sample taken or you can choose to have your sample taken by mail.  We can send you a kit for your hair sample to submit for testing.  There are a few guidelines in order to prepare for your hair analysis which will make your test results and report much more accurate.

  • Do not chemically treat your hair (perming, coloring, straightening) for at least six weeks. This is to give the hair enough time to grow untreated to at least one inch from the scalp.

  • Secondly, do not apply any product to the hair such as gel, shampoo, conditioner, spray, for at least three days prior to the test. This ensures that the natural oils of the skin have a chance to soak into the hair shaft.

  • Should you prefer, you can pick up from us a self-administered kit in order to have your hair sample collected at home or at your hair salon just prior to processing. The sample is collected based on hair weight, and only the inch closest to the scalp is included in the hair weight. A sample is taken from two or three different areas of the scalp to provide for an average reading. Now to take your sample, it is best to have another person cut your hair. The sample is collected based on hair weight, and only the inch closest to the scalp is included in the hair weight. So any length of hair over a couple of inches should be cut off from the sample. Once you clip the hair, drop it into the provided small envelope and write your name and the type of shampoo you normally use on the front. Seal the envelope and include it with your form when you submit your test to us.

  • Should you not have scalp hair or if chemical processing cannot be postponed for at least six weeks, then you may pick up a kit from us and collect pubic hair as a sample for testing.

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