If your only medicine was drinking water ...

In a prison in Turkey, an American doctor treated prisoners with nothing more than water.  The illnesses he treated with just water are documented in his journals.  There are historical texts that mention the therapeutic properties of water time and time again.  We cannot survive more than a few days without water, and in harsh conditions we can dehydrate in a matter of hours.  So if water is essential to our survival, why do we avoid drinking it?  Why do so many people assume any beverage is the same as water?

Perhaps it is because historically humans always searched for the freshest possible water to drink.  Water from a stream, a river, a waterfall, a rushing, tumbling water had the best taste and made us feel fresh from head to toe.  We don't get that in today's world.  Our drinking water is motionless.  The movement of water is what ionizes it naturally.  This is why we are drawn to the ocean ... the negative ions created by the crashing of waves, calms our nerves and provides healthy benefits that offset the EMFs and other electromagnetic influences we experience every day.

This concept of ionization also applies to the water we drink.  It is the ionization in water that delivers not just hydration to cells, but alkalinity and antioxidant action. This was the original therapeutic effect of drinking water.   But now we cannot all drink from mountain waterfalls and our water supply is delivered from large reservoirs that experience no movement.  The water sits in our pipes waiting for the tap to open, losing its ionization potential.  We drink water from plastic bottles that has been stored, transported, shelved, boxed and carried for as long as 6 months before we drink it.

Changing the water you drink may do more for your health and your home than you can possibly imagine.  For years we have advocated high-grade ionized water for every family home.  Make the water you drink every day the very best for pennies a bottle ... and without the bottle! 

Each year more than 900,000 people in the U.S. develop an illness from the water they drink. What is more surprising than the number is the fact that many of these are due to the increasing acidity in our drinking water. Simply switching to bottled water doesn't change the acidity factor and simply filtering our tap water doesn't remove all the toxins and pathogens possible and exposes us to fluoridation.

By switching to the technology of ionized water, you can make your own pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water in your own home for pennies a glass and without contaminants, heavy metals, added chemicals or hundreds of plastic bottles.

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Why is ionized water the best water to drink?

For more than 30 years, research around the world has proven that ionized water has benefits far beyond what we normally associate with the water we drink.  It reduces acidity in the body, acts as an antioxidant, provides maximum hydration to cells and clears the skin. So every glass improves your health ....

Why we only recommend Kangen ionized water machines

The only machines that are registered medical devices, Kangen machines are found in hospitals, clinics and research facilities. Made by Enagic of Japan, they are the gold standard for health. With local company branches around the world, comprehensive warranties and a self-cleaning system, Kangen machines are in a class all their own.

Other Benefits of Kangen Ionized Water for You, Your Family & Your Home

 Imagine cleaning your toothbrush of bacteria with just water.

Imagine cleaning your toothbrush of bacteria with just water.

Antibacterial Water

2.5 pH alters the structure of the water to give it antibacterial properties. In clinical studies it healed decubitus ulcers, reduced bacterial infection and prevented typical hospital infections such as MRSA, all without the use of antibiotics.

 Imagine if the water you use on your skin actually can change the health of your skin.

Imagine if the water you use on your skin actually can change the health of your skin.

Perfect Water for the Skin

5.5 pH matches the natural mantle of the skin. By supporting this, skin conditions can be neutralized such as acne and eczema. It even improves collagen of the skin through hydration from the inside.

 Imagine if just applying water to your skin actually reduced inflammation and swelling.

Imagine if just applying water to your skin actually reduced inflammation and swelling.

Anti-Inflammative Water

11.5 pH has an incredible effect of reducing inflammation on contact. It has been used in hospitals and clinical settings to do just that. We have used it with patients to reduce gum irritation, itchy, irritated eyes and even skin inflammation.

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