Our Natural Testing Process

Natural methods of testing the body are important in order to get more information about a particular condition.  The difference is that our testing methods are very comprehensive, providing relationships between various body tissues, organs and meridians.  Each of our tests include a comprehensive review and bring more knowledge and understanding to your condition.


European Regulation Thermography

Unlike the photographic version of this test, our scan is done by thermometry (highly sensitive skin thermometer). This gives us not just a picture but a complete report of body systems, the regulation of various tissues such as the prostate and breast and an overview of glands and organs.  This seven page report is completely individualized to you and your thermography scan.  This is the essential test for every person.

How is our testing different from conventional tests at your physician’s office?

In conventional medicine tests are limited to what insurance will pay for and what your symptoms convince your physician you need. With our testing options you can gain answers anytime you need it. You can use testing to your advantage. Make testing something that works for you. 

Our testing is unique because it gives you useful information weeks, months and even years before a condition becomes an illness. It gives you time to make changes, to finally fulfill that New Year's resolution, to prevent illness before it starts. 

Use our testing to mark your starting point when embarking on a natural treatment program and retest along the way to see how much progress you are making.

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Genetic Testing for Weight Loss, Aging Factors or Micronutrient Factors

We provide genetic factor testing through our partner lab Genetic Direction.  We offer two cheek swab tests, one for Weight Loss Factors and one for Aging Factors.  Create a plan based on what your body tendencies are so you can have the healthiest body possible, literally.

Genetics isn't what you are, it's what you can be.

Heart Sound Recorder.jpg

Heart Sound Recorder Testing

This is an astonishing and accurate method of evaluating the rhythm of the opening and closing of the heart valves. By observing the integrity of each heart sound within each of the four heart valves, we can detect nutritional deficiencies that are affecting the heart muscle and nerve conductivity. There is nothing better for monitoring the health of your heart.


Trace Mineral Hair Analysis

Used for years by labs across the country, this comprehensive test gives you a picture of the minerals and heavy metals stored in your body tissues.  This is much more important to your body health than what is circulating in your blood at any given moment.