Conscious Body Medicinals

We only use medicinal remedies that are certified, natural and effective. All of our remedies are lab-tested and many have been used since the 1920’s. These are the most important ingredients of our success with patients.

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Standard Process Food Concentrates

Created from their own certified organic farm land, these incredible concentrated food powders and tablets have been milled from the same recipes of Dr. Royal Lee since the 1920’s.


VerVita Essential Oils

Different from any other essential oil formula, VerVita was started by Dr. Dick Versendaal and his family following historical recipes that create not just emotional changes, but physiological and structural as well. Working on so many different levels, there is nothing more effective than these five formulas.

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MediHerb of Australia

One of the most comprehensive herbal laboratories in the world, MediHerb holds patents in the testing and cold-processing of herbal extracts. Founder, Dr. Kerry Bone is the publisher of the defining textbooks in Herbal Medicine.


The Channeled Remedies of Edgar Cayce

For almost 100 years the channeled medical information of Edgar Cayce has been used to create blends that provide relief and healing for many conditions and illnesses. Even today these remedies are just as effective as they were when Cayce first described them.

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Physica Energetic Medicinals

Imported from Canada, these high grade homeopathics and spagyrics follow the historical tradition of energetically-active formulas that work on an emotional level as well as a physiological level.

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Detoxification & Weight Loss
with Deseret Biologics

Following the homeopathic model, these effective and simple formulas change the body dramatically in every way. Combining a homeopthic 60 day detox with homeopathic Human Growth Hormone, our patients have lost an average of 20 pounds in 3 weeks.