Does Being Healthy Mean You Never Get Sick?

Every time my family comes to visit from Switzerland, they get sick.  Generally they are already looking like death warmed over when they exit customs, but I always try to assume that's just from the plane food, and not that they will be tag-teaming the bathroom for the next four days.  Actually there are a few factors that play into this - they work like dogs right up until the last moment when they have to frantically slam everything into the one 23 kilo suitcase they are now allowed to bring, they don't get much sleep, especially because my sister is terrified of flying, and they are cooped up in a metal cylinder of bacteria, microbes, sneezes and the occasional vomiting.  Flying is such fun these days! Now this last holiday, they came and were sick at the beginning, got a bit better in the middle just in time for turkey, and then got a vicious flu for the last few days before they left.  Well, to be fair, we think my sister actually had food poisoning, but it was practically indistinguishable from her husband's symptoms who had not been present at the offending Mexican meal with mariachi accompaniment.

I didn't get sick at all while they were here, but now a week after they've left, I have a milder form of the symptoms they had, and my symptoms only lasted a day.  So may I tell you that this is what healthy means.  People always assume I never get sick - that is patently untrue.  The difference is that my symptoms are less, it is less virulent and it doesn't last as long.  Real health means that your body can weather an immune assault with minimal discomfort and emerge on the other side intact.  This is the difference between suffering from lengthy debilitating disease and reaching St. Peter's pearly gates relatively unscathed. This is actually the entire concept behind homeopathic medicine.  As an example homeopathy views Parkinson's Disease as a condition that develops from ignoring or suppressing many years of varying symptoms that tell you there is a problem in your nervous system.  If these earlier symptoms were resolved instead of ignored or suppressed, then the Parkinson's Disease might not have developed.  These symptoms begin as lack of strength, difficulty concentrating, headaches and dizziness and then progress to migraines and TIAs.  Then if you have an exposure to encephalitis or meningitis, it just speeds up the process.

This is why I harp on the idea of finding solutions for chronic symptoms, not just living with them, nor simply suppressing them with drug therapy.  Take the immune system for example.  I'm not a flu shot fan, as anyone who knows me, knows.  I'm a fan of building your innate immunity so you can weather whatever comes your way.  My belief and that of most holistic practitioners is that serious disease is the breakdown of the body's systems and their ability to function normally.  This happens as a result of assaults to the system that are not resolved.  So the truth is that you actually have the ability to control all serious illness and whether it will develop in your body or it won't.

So begin today with my core protocol for building your immunity and do it faithfully for three months.  Then maintain your health with a core regimen to feed your body (like you really think you get everything you need from our depleted food resources!), balance your endocrine (glands) system and boost your immune reserves.  Then you can weather anything that comes your way.