Detox ... It's Not Just a Fad

by Iris Stowe, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

……My husband gets a sharp pain, breaks into a cold sweat and starts to pace…………..within minutes we are dialing 911.

I was terrified and after texting Karen we felt like it was another kidney stone episode….

It had been three years since his last encounter and he is extremely athletic, eats well, and is pretty healthy..  But we still ended up calling 911!!

We arrive at the Emergency Room and we are assigned to room NH8A.  To our surprise, it was not an examining room but an examining station in the hallway…..that’s right, NH8A stands for North Hallway area between 2 curtains 8A.  This is because so many people are calling 911 these days that there are not enough rooms to accommodate everyone! 

What does this say about us…………….that we need larger emergency rooms………………….more doctors………………….more medicine……………………………?!?  Why are we all becoming so sick we are calling 911 when we are supposedly the healthiest people with access to organic food, stringent pollution guidelines, unleaded gasoline, pure water??  Or are we ...

I watched as the overworked staff ran around, almost desensitized as they attended to every emergency complaint.  Immediately my mind began to race as the attending nurse gave my husband pain medicine to help with the excruciating pain as we waited to have an ultrasound.  I watched this scenario repeat itself over and over again for all kinds of people with all sorts of complaints.  People from all ethnicities and all age groups. 

I told my husband that it was time to track the source of the stones because his body was speakingto him.  That is how our body communicates, through pain.  So, in our culture, we are riddled with inflammation, low energy, obesity and yes PAIN.  This leads us to the emergency room.. OFTEN….so often, that there are not enough examination rooms to accommodate us.

I see this as a 911 ……. an emergency situation that requires immediate attention!!  Today, the word detox has almost become a fad, a green wonder drink, fasting, juicing, something the average person doesn't do.

But the truth is that to detox is to cleanse, to rid the body of everything we haven't been able to eliminate.  It’s to eliminate so that we can absorb ... nutrition, oxygen, sunlight, healing.

Absorption means cellular repair which means healing and vital health.  To reverse the trend of 911 calls we need to listen to our bodies and detox, cleanse, eliminate.  Detoxification is not a fad, it is a decision, a lifestyle, and a process.

I'm saying this because my personal experience, my husband's personal experience convinced us, convinced him, that we may think we are healthy until we need 911.  The best way to prevent that call is to learn how to listen to your body, how to cleanse, and how to avoid the hallway examination stations.  I was grateful for the western medicine that gave my husband relief that night as his body responded to the crisis within itself.  But I immediately made him an appointment to see Karen so we can avoid needing them any time soon.

Let’s start cleansing!!!!!

Karen Clickner