Are We Becoming the Borg?

Now I have to tell you that I loved Star Trek: The Next Generation and besides the episode where Worf's ex-girlfriend shows up in a metal coffin thing ( I LOVED her!), I really liked the Borg episodes because they really made me shiver.  Well, now I'm really shivering because I've just read an article in Smithsonian about harvesting the energy from our own bodies to make gadgets work. Are you worried about this?  Am I the only one afraid of becoming a Borg? Let me give you an example: a cellphone implanted in a tooth, contact lenses that function as computer screens, sensor-studs that can monitor our vital signs ora disposable electro-cardiogram machine the size of a Band-Aid.

Now I'm not a technologyphobe.  I love my IPhone 4, I'm drawn into the Apple Store just like the rest of the human current, I'm the sucker for the off-road SUV commercials.  But actually attaching any of them to me is another story.  I worry about electrical fields not to mention electrocution!  Well, maybe not electrocution, but what will it mean to have nanotechnology running around in my bloodstream for God's sakes!  Talk about creepy... I won't even eat calamari because all I can do is see all those legs under the breading!

This may be a part of my belief in my grandmother's remedies, the natural options and my philosophy that you should always look for the simplest solution.  As the Nissan dealer said yesterday, the more electronics you have, the more that can go wrong.  Amen!