The Psychic of Illness

So recently I had a wonderful psychic (yes, I LOVE psychics) who has been helpful in pointing out opportunities to me that I would never have seen!  It made me realize that it would be amazing if we could each be psychic for ourselves and especially when it comes to illness.  If I could just know ahead of time when I'm going to be sniffling, sneezing, covered in hives, exhausted with a fever or have no voice ( a blessing for many ), then I could organize my life and the demands of my work around it!  For instance I wouldn't plan my only vacation of the year at the same time that I am going to have a raging ear infection so I can't fly! But we already can predict when illness will hit us or when we won't be able to stand up for longer than 5 minutes at a time.  It's when you're under stress in your life, when you have suffered a severe emotional occurrence, or when you've had an injury.  That's right, just when it can't get any worse is exactly when it will.

Your body's immune system is challenged with all of the above, and so it will be weakened by those challenges which opens the door for illness to slink in and sit right next to your bed while you're sleeping.  You will first notice that you're in for some illness at night.  Symptoms almost always begin at night.  When your body is supposed to be using its energy for rejuvenation, that essential process can get derailed by the creeping up of the illness bug.

So can I just say that it is foolish, in fact downright stupid to ignore this simple fact... when you are under emotional or physical stress, you will get sick.  When does cancer begin?  When you're under stress.  When does Fibromyalgia really become a daily struggle?  When you're under stress.  When should you be taking Echinacea Premium and Immuplex?  When you're under stress.  When should you be getting massage therapy?  When you're under stress.

Truly, the greatest thing you can do for your future health is to know that when stress takes your hand, you need to reach out for some support for your immune system.  Be the illness psychic and treat yourself before the symptoms begin.