Is Popcorn Going to Be the Death of Me?

So last night I had one of those popcorn cravings.  Now, that might be partly because I haven't been to a movie in about a dog's age (I love that expression...) and I always had associated popcorn with movies.  But since I haven't... I just had one of those cravings.  So I'm munching away on popcorn watching reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter and fell into bed quite exhausted from all that munching.  Then this morning when I brushed my teeth, I realized my gums were really irritated and that some of the inevitable kernels were stuck between the teeth and in the gums (I know this sounds sooooo flattering!).  After the three brushings, mouth rinse, floss, medicated rinse and last brushing, everything was fine... except I had some microbleeding at the gumline from the kernels being shoved around and then removed. And it made me think... that is exactly how bacteria gets into the body.  Because bacteria has a difficult time entering the body from the respiratory or digestive tracts because we have immune systems in place to prevent that.  But as soon as that protective barrier is penetrated, then the bacteria that live on our skin, that are in the environment around us, can bypass that initial immune barrier and enter our body.  Then our immune system has to deal with that bacteria and the millions of generations that each bacteria can produce.

This was the major reason that I decided when we were going to offer natural skin care, we would not do extraction.  I have always believed that extraction or any penetration of the skin allows bacteria to penetrate that barrier and the healing that has to take place will produce microscarring that will make that pinhole of skin never the same.  The same with anything that provides an avenue for bacteria to invade.

Many elderly people die, especially in hospitals, from bacterial infections that do not respond to antibiotic therapy.  This is because so many bacteria have become resistent to antibiotics.  So if you practice skin care that utilizes extraction allowing multiple species of bacteria to enter the body, then you add antibiotic therapy such as topically for acne, internally for strep throat or yeast infection.... then are you essentially a nursery for antibiotic-resistent bacteria?  Is bacterial infection more about the overgrowth of bacteria in the body?  That would explain why some people can be exposed to bacterial infection in another person or bacteria in a place, and be fine, while another will develop a kidney infection and have to take antibiotics.

So I'm beginning to realize that we need to practice daily habits to minimize the ability of bacteria to enter our body, and I have to say that I really didn't think about my mouth all that much.  I had forgotten all the wonderful writings of the dentists from the 20's and 30's who said that the health and strength of the gums and teeth were essential to maintaining body health... the foundation of Biologic Dentistry.  That also made me think about the fact that I haven't been to the dentist in eons (another word I love!).  The fact is that regular dental hygiene is critical for maintaining bacterial levels within healthy limits so that the immune system isn't working overtime.  By removing plaque (which actually degenerates tooth enamel and gum integrity) and keeping the gums tight to the base of the teeth, we can prevent many bacterial infections.   Then when you add to that the idea of limiting antibiotic use to critical need and substituting prevention and natural options (Congaplex, acidophilus, Echinacea Premium, Goldenseal), you may be able to add years to your life!

But I still like popcorn....