Health Is a Decision That We Make Every Minute

It is very easy to forget that we are multi-dimensional creatures.  We often only see one aspect of our body at a time, whether in a mirror or looking down at our hands or in a photograph.  It makes it very easy to forget that we have many different interrelated levels of life, and it can also lead us to make one dimensional choices instead of multi-dimensional choices.  Anything we do has to encompass everything that is our life.  You can't simply do resistance training for the biceps and not for the triceps.  You can't simply do resistance training and not cardiovascular work.  You can't simply do resistance training and use that as your coping mechanism for grief.  You can't simply do resistance training to balance your blood glucose levels.  So why do we think that because we do resistance training, we should be healthy? There is much more to this multi-dimensional body than just our muscles.  And much of this multi-dimensional aspect is invisible to the naked eye, even undetectable to normal tests.  This also means that when we seek advice from our MD, that advice is the result of tests that can measure levels of tangible body elements, tests that can view solid substances, tests that can follow a liquid only when it has a nuclear tag.  These tests reflect the philosophy that the human body is one-dimensional, viewable on a screen or on a piece of paper.  The truth is that we have dimensions of our body that are emotional, energetic, thought-based, and immensely more complex than any paper can project.

Symptoms are reflective of issues in many different dimensions of our body health.  You cannot just give someone an aspirin for the headaches they experience as a result of life stress, poor food choices, too little water, constricted muscles in the neck blocking blood flow, or the habit of shallow breathing they have developed.  If you simply treat the headache with aspirin, these multi-dimensional issues will create further symptoms and eventually lead to a much more serious situation.  You cannot simply rebalance the body with a pill, whether that pill is natural or not.  Healing requires treatment on many levels.

In order to truly heal and have a healthy, balanced life, you have to be willing to view your body as multi-dimensional.  Don't expect that healing will be just in the form of a pill, or a trip to the gym, or even a yoga session.  Treatment will often begin with one dimension and then progress through many other levels with herbs, vitamins, cleansing or therapy.  The body may require herbs to power up a system that has been weakened for quite some time.  But once that system is working, then the body will need a large amount of organic nutrition with which to fuel that process.  Once that process has continued for a few weeks, the body may congest from all the material that is now beginning to be loosened up and eliminated, so colonics and lymphatic drainage may be necessary to keep the toxic debris from causing further harm to tissues along its journey out of the body.  So patients will often feel great in the first month, lousy in the second month, stronger in the third month and completely different by the fourth month.  Because along with all the dimensions of healing that must take place is something we often overlook... the effect of time.

When patients are faced with months of therapy and healing in order to achieve wellness, they can feel overwhelmed and even resentful.  Why can't I be better right now?  I honestly have had patients who have told me that they have sought help from many doctors and spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  So they want a solution from me within a very short period of time, and they can't spend very much money.  I can't force your body to accept those terms.  Healing takes what it takes, and it will take as long as it takes... all because of this multi-dimensional quality.  The analogy I like to use is a swimming pool that has been unused for years.  When you first open it, you have to overhaul the filter, clear out all the debris that has fallen into the pool, all before you can even turn on the filter.  Once the filter is working, it will take chemicals in the water and time to bring the water to a crystal blue.  So you can't plan your pool party for the day after you open the pool.  It can take weeks, even months to restore balance to a neglected pool.  And you're only dealing with water!

Your body has trillions of cells.  Every minute of every day, new cells are being created, destroyed, moved and changed.  What your body is experiencing in that minute, what nutrition you have available, the amount of water that is in the tissues, your mood, your breath, your energy level... everything changes minute by minute and every cell is reflective of your body in the minute that it was created.  So eating junk food today means every cell created today has the propensity to be unhealthy for as long as it functions.  Every minute while you are healing, creates healthier cells that then have to outpopulate all the cells from all the unhealthy minutes of your life.  So be patient.  Healing is happening even if you don't feel a change.

Make every minute count... on every level and in every dimension.   Create health every day.