Outrunning the Swine Flu Epidemic

If you live in a big city like Boston, then outrunning something like the flu takes a lot more than killer sneakers from Marathon Sports (didn't you always wonder if they called them sneakers so you could sneak up on people?).  In fact, preventing anything like the flu begins when you are really healthy, and have no symptoms at all.  Because you can't prevent exposure unless you are going to become a recluse (which often sounds like a good idea...). In the last few weeks, every news source is scaring us to death about Swine Flu.  The largest outbreak in cases in the US was in New York City, and of course we have all heard the reports coming out of Mexico.  But let's really look at this so the hype doesn't get us all hyped up.  As I mentioned above, exposure is the trigger and exposure is going to be much more common in any concentrated population, such as a city where people are more confined and coming into contact with strangers (think of the subway).  Then you add into the mix those pesky tourists that have come from everywhere or all the people tying up the highways trying to get somewhere else, and you get little germy things getting caried from point A to point B in comfort while listening to hip hop at full volume.   And then realize that particularly in someplace like Mexico City you have a large population of very poor people who already are malnourished, stressed, fatigued and probably already dealing with a number of illnesses.  When you put all those things together, you get a fast-spreading illness.

Now let's look at the facts and not get caught up in the drama.  In Mexico, which the whole world is pointing fingers at, there have been reported cases of Swine Flu, but of the more than 100 deaths thought to be Swine Flu, only a very small number of those have turned out so far to actually be Swine Flu. Most of these cases are once again, in a city.  And although there are cases spreading around the world due to the movement of infected people, most of these are mild and have no lasting ill effects.

And this points to the main key in preventing any flu, including Swine Flu.  Flu is flu is flu... Any strain is handled by the body the same way, regardless of its origin or development.  So the first thing is to keep your immune system supported.  By keeping stress at a minimum, feeding yourself well, drink plenty of healthy fluids and take herbs for your immunity, the chances of your body suffering from an exposure are minimal.

The second thing you can do is to minimize your exposure, particularly when you are in a weakened state.  The time when the flu will wreak havoc on your body is when you are already down and out.  Whether it's from too much partying, not sleeping enough, stress like a Mac truck or eating crap, then you are a walking epidemic waiting to happen.  But the reality is reality... we all experience these things from time to time and some of us all the time.  So here's the rule of thumb: STAY HOME!!!!  That's right, when you are under the weather, STAY HOME!  If you are sick, STAY HOME!  If you are emotionally drained, STAY HOME!  In other words, if you are in a weakened state, stay home and rest and prevent exposing yourself to yet more immune challenges.

OK, so now let's say you can't follow rule number one... then what?  Well, that's where the herbal part comes in.  Herbs and nutrition are for making up for those times when we don't take care of ourselves.  And here at ISIS we see it day in and day out!  But I am happy to say that so far, almost everyone that has taken a Flu Protocol from us has been successful at escaping the flu... with no flu shot, no two weeks out of work, no feeling like crap while all your friends are having immense fun.  So here's what we recommend... begin with Echinacea Premium from Mediherb.  It's a blend of the two species of Echinacea that have the strongest immune modulation activity.  Now don't just go out to the store and get any old Echinacea because they are not all the same.  Many Echinaceas sold at stores do not even specify the species used, the strength of the extract or the part of the plant used.  The next formula to add is Immuplex by Standard Process, which is the best immune support I've seen that is food-derived.  And if you are someone who has a tendency to get bacterial or viral infections, then you need to add Congaplex by Standard Process.  This is essentially a natural antibiotic which will keep critters at a minimum, allowing your immune system to be ready for a bigger challenge.

So you can save the sneakers for sneaking, because there are definately natural ways to leave your house and be certain not to bring back the flu as an unwelcome house guest.  Unless of course you happen to have bought a pig as a souvenir while in Mexico...