Janet Leigh Isn't the Only One Being Killed in the Shower

As many of you know, over the last year I have become much more aware and knowledgeable about water.  That focus has brought into focus just how much water affects us in ways we may not even pay attention to, namely on the surface of our skin in our baths and showers.  Just because the skin doesn't absorb in ways the inside of our body does, don't think that our skin and our internal body health are not affected.  In fact, if you think of any "patch" medication, then you know that there are many things that can be absorbed through the skin. Water is a wonderful carrier.  In fact it is so effective that it can even carry many things like lead, chlorine and phytates that are toxic to the body.  We are falsely led to believe that since water in our shower and bath is simply being applied to the surface of the skin, it won't affect our internal body environment and so the quality and purity of the water is not as important.  We could not be more wrong!  The shower is one of the most potent places to receive your daily dose of chemicals and toxins.  When you realize what is actually in your tap water, and I don't think anyone disagrees with that assessment, and when you combine that with a closed-in space and the high heat content of the shower water creating steam, you are creating a brew that no witch would tolerate.

The National Academy of Sciences warns that the major threat caused by toxins in our water such as chloroform and TCE is far more likely in the shower when temperature and chemical concentrations increase and the diameter of shower head hole decreases.  This creates an increase in vaporization.  In a hot shower of just 109 degrees, about 50% of the dissolved chloroform and 80% of the dissolved TCE will be liberated into the air.  These, along with chlorine, fluorine and benzene will then be readily absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream.

Let's take a couple of these as an example.  Both chlorine and fluorine are easily absorbed into the body in the form of vapor each time you inhale.  When you shower, you are vaporizing many of the chemicals in the water, and then breathing these in because of the confined space and the dilation of the pores and blood vessels inside your nasal passages.  This allows chlorine and fluorine to be absorbed directly into the lungs and from there into the blood stream rapidly.  Then the problems begin... problems that you would never associate with your daily shower.  In fact studies have revealed that an average 64% of our toxic exposure occurs via skin absorption.  But it's not just about the absorption through the skin and through inhalation that matters, but the effect that these chemicals have on the skin directly.  One of the biggest contributors to aging and wrinkling of the skin is the drying effect of chlorine.  It chemically bonds with the proteins in the hair and skin causing hair to lose color and become rough and brittle, while the skin will become very dry, itchy and flaky.  I truly believe that the lack of shower water filtration is the most important trigger for eczema, psoriasis and chronic skin problems.

Chlorine really is the worst offender in the shower.  It has the chemical properties that allow it to combine with organic substances and create numerous toxins such as TCE and chloroform.  So although water testing at a municipal level may not show these substances, as the water travels to your tap, its properties can change dramatically because there is no way of knowing what enters your water on its journey.  Chlorine has also been linked as a causative factor in acquired allergies and even adult asthma.

But the real damage is the replacement of iodine in the body by chlorine and fluorine.  Both of these chemicals compete at a molecular level with target tissues for iodine in the breasts, the thyroid and even the immune system.  In fact, loss of iodine is the cause of most thyroid disorders.  You may not even realize that your shower time is destroying your thyroid function until it's too late.

But there is a solution that we have brought into ISIS and now ISIS can bring it into your home as well.  The Anespa water purification system by Enagic is a specially-built filter and mineral ionizer just for the bath and shower.  It is modeled on the Futamata Radium Hot Springs in Hokkaido, Japan which is famous for its therapeutic spas.  The Anespa uses Tufa, a mineral compound unique to the Futamata area.  This mineral compound accelerates metabolism of the skin and provides a hot spring effect of relaxation and increased vitality.  The powerful Tourmaline stone has naturally-occuring negative ions and the highest level of FAR Infrared radiant energy in a cartridge.  Add to this the high grade carbon filter which removes chlorine, fluorine and other contaminants from the water, and you are cleaning not just your water, but the very air you breathe by preventing the vaporization of water-bound toxins.  The Tourmaline produces an anion effect which ionizes the water while a neodymium magnet uses a strong magnetic field to microcluster the water molecules and polarize mineral compounds to produce higher alkalinity.

All of these effects produce softer, more moisturized skin even after just one use.  Come and try it out at ISIS!  There is nothing like it for your health, your skin and your peace of mind....