The Lost Community

I was out walking on Sunday and I passed a church just as all the families were walking into church.  The minister was out on the sidewalk greeting people, groups of people were chatting, kids were running around... it actually changed the feeling of that whole block just with the sense of community that came from that gathering.  "I vant to be alone", purred Greta Garbo and she is remembered for that phrase than all the rest of her time on film.  It even became the mantra of how her life was perceived. Our lives increasingly isolate us.  We can do everything without leaving home, in fact, without leaving our bed!  We've become more and more dependent on computers to find us friends, written notes and letters are becoming extinct and I'm even afraid that the newspaper will disappear.  There is no way that news on the computer or on the television conveys all the details that support us in a community.  Media news looks for the fastest, flashiest way to convey news.  Items are prioritized not by what is appropriate to who or where we are, but by what is the most sensational.  That isn't how community is built.

When I think about the people I know that are isolated with few friends, no real family, no real connection to community... they become odd, less willing to compromise, quirky, even selfish.  Separating ourselves from community takes away a huge source of energy and metabolism for our lives.  Community helps to drive us when we lose our discipline, supports us when we lose our jobs, consoles us when we lose those we love.  Handling everything alone requires that all the energy to process come from within.  That's a lot!  What if you only had to provide a small portion of the energy required to handle something?  The rest would come from your community.

Numerous studies and countless books have shown that the world within our bodies is a reflection of the world outside our bodies.  The cell is like an individual, the tissue is like a community, the body is like the world with all the roads from place to place.  When we cut ourselves off from community, it's like an aberrant cell; a cell that is isolated without the communication and interraction of community.  The cell is without support.  Dr. Royal Lee in the early 1920's published a number of articles about the concept of community of the cell as the key to preventing cancer.  Each cell has a reproductive cycle.  Part of that cycle is the release of small particles from the cell to the fluid around the cell.  These particles secrete messages back to the cell of origin in order to program and control the cell's reproductive cycle.  These particles are essential as communication messengers within the community of cells that make up a tissue, an organ, a gland.  Without the appropriate release of these messengers, cellular reproduction will become aberrant, disorganized, out of control.

So if the inside is reflective of the outside, then we all need a sense of community in order to program, support and facilitate our growth and our lives.  On the inside, every single cell not only relies on pathways of communication and community, but how effectively that communication can happen.  If the fluid and environment around the cell is clogged with waste material, toxic debris and metabolic acids, then the communication can become garbled... the cell can get cut off from its community.

This is the reason for cleansing the body on a regular basis.  We all have times when we don't drink enough water, don't go to the bathroom enough, eat too many donuts, clean out the garage to the point of crawling into bed at night.  All these things can overload the system, clog our normal cleansing pathways, and prevent that essential cellular community.  So don't make the mistake of thinking that internal body cleansing is for other people.  It's become an essential way to maintain our cellular communication in this world in which we live increasingly isolated lives.  So do a cleanse, spend time in your community... it's all food for thought.

So the next time my town has its Annual Fire Department chicken barbeque, I'll be there!  Then I'll run home to begin a cleanse!