Step Away From the Bellini!

Today I had lunch with my sister.  Now it is a rare occasion for both of our schedules to allow us to be within the same location at the same time, so when we are, it's a party!  Now for most of my life, a party included alcohol.  In fact, I have never been what I would consider much of a drinker.  Two drinks was about my limit and often one would last well into the wee hours of the morning even when it was served at 7:00.  Drinking alcohol was something I only did when I went out.  It was a staple of traveling - a bellini in Venice, sake in Japan, champagne in France with my sister Jen, single malt whiskey in Bushmills, Ireland and a great shiraz with my friend Ron just about anywhere. Now recently in the last few years, I have struggled with a lot of body symptoms that were very unusual for me.  Like a good naturopath, I looked at my diet, my stress, my nutrition, my bloodwork, in fact, just about everything except my treat - alcohol.  As Dr. Rogers, my favorite chiropractor on the planet, has been working with me this last year, it has become glaringly apparent that my liver is trying to run away, escape on the first train and take the gallbladder, stomach and pancreas with it.  My bile duct is quietly on strike, and headaches have become a persistent companion.

What I have realized is that whenever I drink alcohol now, even half a glass of wine, I will get a headache and/or hot flashes which is a pain in the ass when I am trying to focus on an intensive seminar that I paid an ungodly amount of money to attend, and all I can do is think about rolling around on a glacier in Iceland - which I recently did, but not because of hot flashes.  That sounds bad doesn't it???

Well anyway, I am coming to realize that despite the fact that we think we will never change, not really, the truth is, we do.  Books I bought years ago and never got around to reading, I now look at and wonder if I was comatose when I bought it thinking it was so interesting.  I used to love music, but now love silence.  I used to be able to stay up until 1:00 and then sleep like a dead rock.  That is definitely not the case now!

And the same is true of my relationship to alcohol.  I just can't drink it without experiencing a negative reaction.  So as my liver is getting healthier, my ability to tolerate challenges to the liver is getting less. If I want to keep my liver from jumping ship, I have to pay attention.  And here are a few facts to consider during this month of Alcohol Awareness:

First, many alcoholics are addicted to the sugar in alcohol which is why they are advised to eat ice cream to cut alcohol cravings.  Gymnema, an incredible Indian herb, is the best solution for this.  4 Gymnema tablets each day can make a dramatic difference in the desire for alcohol.  Not to mention, the donuts, the cupcakes, the ice cream, etc.

Second, the liver is the most rejuvenative organ you have.  It can completely replace itself given the right nutrition.  To feed the liver and help restoration, take 6 Livaplex and 4 Hepatrophin PMG daily for three months.

Third, you need to take the protection of your liver seriously.  You are exposing yourself to many things, not only through alcohol, but through pollutants, toxins and carcinogenic substances.  Most pharmaceutical medications have liver damage as a typical side effect and even exposure to radiation and electrical power lines can affect liver function.  Take Silymarin tablets daily to protect the liver.  There is nothing better and clinical studies have proven it.

Fourth, the liver works in conjunction with the pancreas, the kidneys, the lungs and the gallbladder.  Often symptoms in these organs that recur are actually due to their stepping in for a weakened liver function.  The best combination to address these sisterly organs to the liver is 4 Albaplex, 2 Collinsonia Root, 4 Antronex and 2 Betafood daily for two months.  The changes you experience will tell you just how connected these organs are.

The last thing to consider is that the liver is related to the emotion of anger in Traditional Chinese medicine.  In fact, this may explain why alcoholism tendency runs in families.  Because many families learn coping mechanisms to deal with anger issues, and that can carry from one generation to another.  Learning how to understand and dissipate anger is key in keeping your liver healthy.  Just doing this, whether through Reiki, counseling, meditation or anger management classes, can make a huge difference in your liver and your relationship to alcohol.

I can't say that I'm going to step away from the Bellini when offered at my favorite Venetian spot by the Grand Canal, especially if someone else is buying, but it does make me spend more time focusing on my liver, focusing on my health and realizing that the choices I make affect me more now than ever.