A Drop of the Creature

Many years ago I had the most wonderful old salty client.  His name was Tom and he was a grizzly old Irish guy from Southie.  He used to swear that a drop of the creature (a bit of imbibing) was the cure for every ill.  Rather like Windex being passed around in My Big Fat Greek Wedding by Michael Constantine.  Alcohol is something that we use for preserving, but that is absolutely not the case inside our bodies.  Alcohol in our bodies is broken down into the various sugars that it contains.  These sugars feed billions of bacteria which can create illness as well as health.  One of the most difficult things about getting on that wagon is giving up the addiction to the sugars that alcohol has given our bodies over time.  That's why the friends of Bill have always advocated eating ice cream when a craving for that creature comes on. To really pull back from consuming alcohol, you have to reduce the addiction to the sugar.  This allows the body to make the change necessary to withdraw from the attachment to the effects of alcohol.  It also helps to reduce the symptoms that are common with any change the body makes.  There are a couple of great ways to beat the sugar demon, making the commitment to abstention a lot easier.  Gymnema is an indian herb that helps to cut the craving for sugar, while restoring normal pancreatic function.  Then a solid 30 days of the FAR Infrared Sauna can do the rest.  This clinically-tested technology not only helps to metabolize the body's overabundance of sugars, it also sterilizes the body from the bacterial colonies that have been feeding on the sugars, boosting immunity and reducing your chance of illness.  This is what prompted our establishing the 30 day Sauna Club - one price for unlimited sauna sessions.

You don't have to carry the creature around on your back.  By simply dumping the sugars, you can dump the creature's hold on your insides.